You will learn how to create inbound and outbound rules in windows firewall

Why you need to know

Firewall rules are created to put restriction on sending traffic to, or receiving traffic from, programs, systems services or users. Configuring inbound and outbound traffic rule on firewall is one of the important tasks in network security. These rules are configured based on the org policy. It prevents malicious traffic from entering into the network.

Network topology


1:login windows 10 client

2: Click windows icon and type remote desktop

3:type and connect. Then type your credential.

4: you can see now we can use remote desktop connection

5: Go to Control Panel > Window firewall > Advanced settings

6:Outbound rules

There are three levels here

  • Domain: Applies to the network Adapter, when the device is part of a Domain
  • Private: Applies to a network adapter when the device is connected to Network indirectly via a router or some other security
  • Public: Applies to a network adapter when the device is directly connected to a Network.

7:New rule

8: choose port

9:Choose TCP and type port 3389

10:Block the connection

11: Choose all

12: Type name and finish

13: you can see the firewall setup correctly.

14: open remote desktop again and type

15: You see the failed message because of the new firewall configuration settings.


You learned how to create firewall rules in Windows