You will learn how to backup your data using AOMEI backupper.

Why you need to know

Taking data backup at periodic interval is an important task of an admin in the company. Backup helps company recovery from data loss and subsequent disasters. Backup of sensitive data is essensial.

What is AOMEI backupper

It can back large amounts in short time and has a user friendly GUI.


1:login Windows 10 client

2: install AOMEI backupper and open it

3:New Backup

4:File backup

5:Add folder

6:Browse C:\Users\username\Documents and click Test documents

7:Choose C:\ to store your backup and click schdule

8:Choose full backup and ok

9:Start backup and add the schedule and start backup now

10: Once the backup is completed, backup management window appears. Click restore.

11: image information. Choose default and next

12: Before performing backup go to C:\Users\username\Documents\Test Documents and make a copy of test documents

13: You see the task completed


You learned how to backup your data using AOMEI Backupper.