Name: Taka

Date of Birth:22/09/1992

Personality: Outgoing, Extravert, Friendly, Positive

Job: computer engineer

Place: Japan, Tokyo, Shinjuku

Dream: Make a comfortable place for foreigners in Japan

Short Review of my life

I was born in Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan in 1992 Sep

0 to 18 years old, I grew up in Yamaguchi.

This is my family photo. (when I was 18 years old)

I play baseball for 10 years. I like sports a lot.

When I become 18 years old, I went to university in Hiroshima

When I become 20 years old, I decided to study abroad in NZ. You can check the link below.

After I come back from NZ, I graduate from University. I start working in Tokyo as a computer engineer.

Since I start living in Tokyo, I start hosting my friends from all over the world. I love it very much.

But, in 2018 and 2019, I decided to work in PNG( Papua New Guinea) because I think its very important to work in different environment to grow up.

From 2020, I go back to Tokyo, Japan and start a new life again.